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A Classy Canmore Wedding

Last year I had video consultation with Emily and Alan via zoom. With the pandemic still active and the couple living on the other end of the country from me, a virtual meeting was not unusual. It wasn't until their actual wedding day that I met them in person and they were even lovelier than I had imagined!

Emily and Alan have been together for 13 years and sealed the deal over a gorgeous mountain backdrop in Canmore Alberta. The Malcolm Hotel in Canmore was where they held both the ceremony, reception and guests who traveled from various places.

The day started calm and steady, and this wedding was on time for just about every part of the timeline, which was incredibly impressive!

The ceremony was sweet, including vows, a special knot tying and of course the iconic first kiss!

We then took the bridal party outdoors to get plenty of photos with them and the mountains. Then Emily, Alan and I snuck away to take some romantic photos of just the two of them before the reception began.

It was such a wonderful day and I'm so happy to share some of these photos with you all from the wedding!

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