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About the Photos

Well hello there!

I'm Sarah Campbell (formerly Sarah Neu)

of Neu Image Photography located in the

lively city of Calgary, Alberta.


I began doing photography at a young age just for fun, but it has since turned into a fulfilling career for me! My love and passion for photography quickly grew over the years and now I get to have fun doing a job that allows me to meet amazing people, hear their stories and produce beautiful memories that they get to keep forever!

As you will see throughout my gallery, my photography leans toward a light and bright style, however, every shoot is unique to the people I'm working with, the location we're at and the weather that day. I want you to have photos that are unique to you!  

Everyday has special moments that have the potential to become permanent memories. Let me help you keep those memories by capturing those special moments, forever.

About my Family

This is my cute little family!

I seriously think I'm the luckiest girl in the world because somehow I got put with these three amazing men, two of them mini-men of course!

I met Kyle back in 2012, we really enjoyed each others company, started dating long distance as I was going to school here in Calgary and him in Utah, I chased him down to the states, we got engaged, married, graduated, had two beautiful boys and bought our first home! And now here we are working together to create a beautiful life for our little family. I condensed that so you wouldn't have to read a novel, but everyone has a story and that one is mine.

My two boys are adorable, sweet and very busy! It's crazy how time flies when you have kids and once I became a Mom, my photography took on more meaning. It is difficult to remember life as it is now because time is fleeting. It is so important and special to document those moments and that is a huge driving force behind my business.


About me

self portrait

I grew up in Calgary, I danced for about 19 years and many of them competitively. I love all things artsy from crafting, to singing to photography. I love the outdoors, cooking, binge watching a good Netflix series and though I don't do it enough, I really enjoy reading/listening to a good book. 


I went to school in Salt Lake City for entrepreneurship and got my degree in business. I continue to sharpen my technical skills by working my way through the Photography Certificate at SAIT and practicing my craft with the wonderful people who trust me to capture them.

I love to have fun and I'm very much a social extrovert! I find it fascinating to learn about other peoples stories and it brings me joy to be able to capture those stories and create beautiful photos out of them.

I'm sure we'll get to know each other even better when we meet up to make some photographic magic!

Until then, Sarah


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